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Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal
History, heritage, information, activities, gallery
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MB Products
(Auto text alert security alarm system for boats)
Address: 46 High Street, South Kyme, Linconshire. LN4 4AD
Tel: 01526 860020  Email:  Website:

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Mike Stevens' UK Inland Waterways Pages
Personal information pages on the canals including London, humour and history
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Narrowboat Rumpus
Restoration of A 1976 built steel day cruiser
Address: 22 Golden Valley Riddings Alfreton Derbyshire
Tel: (0)7977 777393
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Narrowboat World
Letting you know what is happening in the world of narrowboating.

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National Association Of Boat Owners
NABO - the voluntary and only organisation solely dedicated to representing and promoting the interests and concerns of owners of private boats (of all kinds) on Britain's Canals and Rivers operating at both local and national levels.

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Newton Crum for narrowboat and cruiser insurance
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